Bagpiping in Vancouver, BC in the rain, mist and gloom

Will this gloom ever end?

The clouds and rain moved into the Lower Mainland of B.C. in early April. It’s now mid-June and it was 11 degrees today. I could see my breath when I went outside. Mo chreach! (that’s Gaelic, for ‘my goodness’).  I’ve been trying to get outside for a few tunes, but I’m afraid my pipes will freeze. OK, it’s not that bad, but mold may be a problem. This reminds me of a summer many years ago as a lifeguard on the beaches of PEI. We called the summer of ’86 the worst winter we ever had. I think we should call this stretch of bad weather “Olympic Revenge”. After the glorious February weather during the Olympics, it’s pay-back time.  I feel sorry for the brides and wedding parties in Vancouver and Lower Mainland who have to suffer through this dampness. And house painters – including the duo who are trying to finish my house.

On the bright side, my garden is growing well. So are the weeds, and the lawn, and the 52 cedar trees I planted two months ago. I was told the cedar’s needed water for the first two months. Well, that was easy.

So, let’s look heavenward and pray for a bit of blue sky,  sunshine and warmth. Summer may be a week away, but right now it feels like a continent away.

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