Baghdad to bagpipes. A Cape Breton hug in the depths of winter

The opening paragraph reads, “In the coming weeks, Inverness County Welcomes will embrace the family of four that fled Iraq for temporary asylum in Syria.”

Read this article. It is a small reminder of the good that you find inside

Mabou, Inverness Co. in winter

many people. It’s about those who reach out and take action to make this world better and to help others, whomever they may be. The report talks about preparations to ensure four fleeing members of Iraq’s Christian religious minority are welcomed and settled into a new country, a new season and one of the most unique cultural areas of Canada. From the Middle East to Cape Breton in February; the other side of the world, a foreign land with a foreign language and the life and culture of Cape Breton will be quite the life adjustment for this family.

This is a great story, especially how the plan started and is indicative of a kindness, compassion and generosity that you find in the people of Inverness County and many other places around this country.

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