Rocky Mountaineer Vancouver Bagpiper on the job

Rocky Mountaineer Piper

It’s a busy year at the Rocky Mountaineer. Record number of guests from the US, UK, India, China and many other countries are discovering the luxury train through the mountains. I am pleased to be playing for my 8th season with this company of great people.

Here’s an article about the Rocky Mountaineer trip from Vancouver to the rocky mountains from a guest from England, published in the Northampton Chronicle and Echo.

“The Rocky Mountaineer has a dedicated terminal on the outskirts of Vancouver and a bagpiper, in full Scottish regalia, piped us aboard. As we rolled away the piper continued to play as the company’s staff waved us off, prompting a flurry of photography from carriage windows that are cleaned before each day’s travel.”

And here’s another one from a guest

“The Rocky Mountaineer does things with a nice touch of class.  We were greeting by a guy playing Beatles music on a baby grand when we entered the terminal, got complimentary coffee and juice, and were piped aboard the train by a bagpiper in full Scottish regalia.  Now we’ve been given a “sunrise toast” with orange juice and bubbly to start our journey.”

It’s only half way through the season, the weather has been fantastic and it looks great for the remainder of the summer. I look forward to meeting many more guests as we head towards fall.

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