Antigonish Highland Games Reunion Pipe Band hits the street again

2014 Antigonish Highland Games Reunion Pipe BandAfter a very successful 150th anniversary celebration of the Antigonish Highland Games, the AHG Reunion Pipe Band returned to the streets of Antigonish, Nova Scotia for another stroll down Main Street. For pipers and drummers in the region, this is the grand daddy of street parades. Thousand of people turn out, many cheering and clapping for pipe bands as they have done at the AHG Grand Street Parade for a century. My friend Ian McKinnon led the band, with fellow Antigonish pipers Doug Boyd, Gerry Gillis, Francis Beaton and myself rounding out the front rank. A number of other great pipers such as John Grant, Karen MacLean and even a piper from the Delta Police Pipe Band (Bob Gillies) joining in.

2014-07-12 05.42.45

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