What’s different in this St. Andrew’s Day photo?

You may have to be a bagpiper to figure this one out, but there’s something a bit unusual about this photo of a pipe band (I’m not sure of the band’s name). I’ll give you a hint. It has something to do with the front row.

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Official Piper: Rocky Mountaineer Rail Tours. Pitt River Resort. Exec. Dir. ScotFestBC: The British Columbia Highland Games, Director, BC Pipers' Assn. Former journalist, Nova Scotian, Dad.
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3 Responses to What’s different in this St. Andrew’s Day photo?

  1. Todd S says:

    Left handed piper playing with right hand in top position?

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  2. Sandy says:

    The “middle” piper is a female. Not often seen. The skirl o’ the pipes is also not often heard either these days.

  3. Not sure where you are from, but there are plenty of female pipes in Canada, and many are very good. (Anne Gray, Shauna Hilder to mention just two in Western Canada). And there’s plenty of “skirling o’ the pipes” going in in this region, in Alberta, the prairies, Ontario and the Canadian Maritimes provinces.

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