Great weekend performance by young Seattle pipe band

For many people who regularly attend highland games in the Pacific North West, you are likely familiar with the young pipers and drummers around the field in the MacKenzie tartan kilts. The Northwest Junior Pipe Band from the Shoreline area of North Seattle is a competition staple at most of the games in this region, and it’s clear they have become a force to be reckoned with.

At this past weekend’s Bellingham Highland Games, the band easily took first place in the Grade IV competition (1st. place from the two piping judges, 1st in drumming and 1st in ensemble). A YouTube video of their medley competition was posted, and I’m re-posting it here. Coincidently, the four young side drummer received the last reel one week before Bellingham and the rest of the medley 2 weeks before.  The tenor and bass received the last music one week ago. They have an impressive performance, with a solid intro into the competition, a very SFU-sounding march (with seconds) and a strong finish. The band ensemble looks and sounds great, and I’m sure you will enjoy this music.

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