Vancouver St. Patrick’s Day Party at Atlantic Trap and Gill

Vancouver's Atlantic Trap & Gill

It’s a bit of an unknown fact out here in Vancouver, that in Newfoundland, St. Patrick’s Day is more than just an opportunity to get together with friends for a few pints after work . In Newfoundland – there is no work on St. Patrick’s Day. It’s a provincial holiday. The bars open around 11am, and I’ve seen more than a few fine gentlemen escorted out to the sidewalk on George’s Street at 2am, or later. In fact, some of them were my friends.

It’s a bit more subdued St. Patrick’s Day here in Vancouver.  I suspect however that if you are truly looking to experience what an East Coast St. Patrick’s Day Party can be like, visit The Atlantic Trap and Gill at the corner of Beatty and Robson in Vancouver. It’s where the East Coast meets the West Coast. You can find it across the street from

Four Leaf Clover

the Terry Fox Plaza and the under-construction BC Place. It won’t be hard to miss – listen for the bagpipes and the throngs of Nova Scotians, New Brunswickers, P.E. Islanders and of course, Newfoundlanders. A finer bunch of ne-er do well’s you’ll never find in Vancouver. The place even attracts some Irishmen to round out the reprobates. Spring is around the corner, and I think I detected a hint of it in the 10 degree air in downtown Vancouver today. I have already seen Japanese cherry blossoms, and with a burst of sunshine, we may well be on our way to our next season. But first, we need to commemorate the Holy St. Patrick on Thursday – and what better place to do that then with friends, Maritimer’s, bagpipes, music,  cold beer and racket at the Atlantic Trap & Gill, .  Where the East and West Coast meets Ireland.



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