Canada Day Backyard Bagpiper in Vancouver

It will definitely be a different Canada Day in 2020. But it doesn’t have to be.

After years of playing for new Canadians at Vancouver’s Canada Place, the citizenship ceremony this year is, like everything else in Canada, cancelled for 2020.  No grand parade of dignitaries, no cutting of the cake with a big RCMP sword, no inspiring words of wisdom for our new fellow Canadians and no march off the stage.  It’s all so sad.

However, there is hope.  If you are planning a backyard Canada Day party for your close family, friends and others in your “bubble”,  invite a bagpiper to set the tone for your event.  A piper can start on the street, march into your yard, play upbeat jigs, reels and hornpipes – and of course, play Happy Birthday to Canada as everyone sings along. Special discount for seniors.

Contact me now to plan your “drive-by-bagpiper” visit on July 1, 2020.


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