Bagpiping at a cold West Vancouver wedding

It was a lovely wedding in West Vancouver. A beautiful crisp, fall day followed by a star-filled night beside the Eagle Harbour Yacht Club. And as wedding guests climbed the stairs to the main foyer of the club, they were greeted by the sound of the bagpipes ringing out across the harbour and up the hillside to the homes nearby. (see photo) On most occasions, this is the ideal setting for a wedding ceremony, and to have the bagpipes accompany the ceremony makes it even more special. What I didn’t expect was the cold. It took quite a long time for the bagpipes to settle down and the tone to kick in. But by that time, old man winter was working tricks on my fingers and it was only through great effort that I was able to maintain the tunes until it was time to lead in the bride and her party. The bridegroom and his best man looked wonderful in black tie but both, of course, were eclipsed by a lovely bride. The short wedding ceremony by the blazing fire was sorely tempting to a bagpiper with frozen fingers. However, I resisted the temptation to wander over and warm my cold parts by the fire. Those cold fingers, however, proved to be a bit much as I played several tunes while the bridal party signed the register. I’m sure not many people noticed the “slips” but it is disappointing when your fingers simply won’t perform when they’re asked. However, it was still a wonderful wedding in the West Vancouver cold.  The start of a couple’s new life together with friends, family and bagpipes.  What could be better?

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Official Piper: Rocky Mountaineer Rail Tours. Pitt River Resort. Exec. Dir. ScotFestBC: The British Columbia Highland Games, Director, BC Pipers' Assn. Former journalist, Nova Scotian, Dad.
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