A tune for Seamus (and everyone else)

This is a gem from the past that’s well worth a listen.  AC/DC cruising down Swanston Street in Melbourne, Australia, wailing out a rock and roll tune, bagpipers in tow,  promoting their March 5, 1975 concert. I would love to play this with a band some day.


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Official Piper: Rocky Mountaineer Rail Tours. Pitt River Resort. Exec. Dir. ScotFestBC: The British Columbia Highland Games, Director, BC Pipers' Assn. Former journalist, Nova Scotian, Dad.
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  1. Sylvain says:

    Hello Mike, my name is Sylvain and I pipe with Black Watch RHC. A well known Quebec rocker asked me to get together and play this tune in a show this summer. I’ll let you know how it went.
    Salut !

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