Brightening “a stable all forlorn” with bagpipes and celebration

Domenichino's The Adoration of the ShepherdsIn the Christmas song “Mary’s Little Boy Child” written by Jester Hairston (check out this corny but popular disco version by Boney M), the song relates the story of Christ’s birth “in a stable all forlorn”. The song relates that “trumpets sound and angels sing”. From the famous 17th century painting “The Adoration of the Shepherds”, Italian painter Domenichino has captured singing angels, but there’s no trumpet. Instead, a bagpiper is seen soothing the new born child. The poor shepherds had been alerted to the birth by a bright star and angels singing and have come to the stable to visit and adore. The pipes were a common accompaniment while working in the fields and it would be very appropriate for a few tunes to be played for the Christ Child.  

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