Celebrations of Life for Lost Loved Ones

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It has been a brutal 15-months.

For families who lost loved ones during the Covid-19 pandemic, the sense of loss can be overwhelming. Losing isolated family members and unable to be by their bedside in their time of need is one of the most difficult things to deal with during this time. Add to that the inability to share that loss with family and friends, to have no opportunity to reminisce together at a memorial, celebration of life or funeral.

For those who were isolated from aging parents while they marked major birthday milestones in their life, the end of this pandemic is welcome relief.

As we resume our lives post-pandemic, there is now the opportunity to hold those celebrations that were curtailed throughout 2020 and 2021. A final goodbye to loved ones at a gathering will soon be possible. Pipers around BC are available to help set the mood and to provide a final, poignant goodbye in either outdoor or indoor settings.

For assistance or ideas, call 778-838-8388 anytime. 

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Ten Reasons to Hire a Vancouver Bagpiper

  The bagpipes are a versatile instrument that can impact many occasions. For example…

  1. Birthday and surprise parties: “Happy birthday” on the bagpipes is a sure-fire way to make your birthday memorable…to you and all your guests. It’s well worth the look on the guest of honour’s face when the piper walks in.
  2. Weddings: Marching in the bride, groom, wedding party in or out of the church, marching in the wedding party to the reception or even playing the first waltz. It adds that memorable moment that makes great photos and leaves a lasting impression.
  3. Funerals and memorials: The piping world is full of absolutely beautiful pipe tunes that often bring a tear to the eye and foster deep reminisces of a loved one. Amazing Grace and Danny Boy are popular, but there are so many others.

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Lament for the 2020 BC Highland Games

It was a dreary day to hold a highland games. I’m kinda glad we didn’t.

Thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic, all large gatherings, including the 89th BC Highland Games, have been cancelled for 2020. This decision was made in May and we all knew it was coming. However, it was still a melancholy day for some of us who work hard to plan and execute these very popular Games every year, in honour of our culture and those who came before us.

A bit of rain did not stop me from playing playing a lament for the BC Games at 12:30pm on Saturday on the main stage at Lafarge Lake Park: usually the time for the Fraser Highlanders to blast their canon to officially start the Games.  Thanks to those who turned out, including Coquitlam Mayor Richard Stewart and Councillor Teri (MacIntyre) Towner, two of the Games greatest supporters.  Also, United Scottish Cultural Soc. president and Games committee member Peter Richards, and committee members Fran Caruth, Vivian Newstead and Donna Main.

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Canada Day Backyard Bagpiper in Vancouver

It will definitely be a different Canada Day in 2020. But it doesn’t have to be.

After years of playing for new Canadians at Vancouver’s Canada Place, the citizenship ceremony this year is, like everything else in Canada, cancelled for 2020.  No grand parade of dignitaries, no cutting of the cake with a big RCMP sword, no inspiring words of wisdom for our new fellow Canadians and no march off the stage.  It’s all so sad.

However, there is hope.  If you are planning a backyard Canada Day party for your close family, friends and others in your “bubble”,  invite a bagpiper to set the tone for your event.  A piper can start on the street, march into your yard, play upbeat jigs, reels and hornpipes – and of course, play Happy Birthday to Canada as everyone sings along. Special discount for seniors.

Contact me now to plan your “drive-by-bagpiper” visit on July 1, 2020.


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Birthdays, Bagpipes & Pandemics – in Vancouver

Bill Ewing listening in (from 2m away) to his birthday tunes.

In a world turned upside down because of Covid 19, it’s good to know that music can help comfort some of those isolated in their homes, condos and retirement residences around the Lower Mainland. That’s what I did this past week.

It was Bill Ewing’s 90th birthday, and his daughter in Toronto wanted to do something to commemorate the occasion. But like most folks, Bill (a former CFL Calgary Stampeder) is social-isolating in his high rise condo in North Vancouver, with no visitors. What to do?

Well, that’s where a bagpiper comes in. Daughter Lori contacted me last week and asked me to be her birthday present to her loving dad. A friend told Bill he needed to be outside at 11 am. I showed up outside his building. and for an hour I played Scottish melodies for Bill and quite a few neighbours who joined him around the front of the building, listening   to a bit of piping and being transported away from the worries of this world for a brief moment.  Of course, I also played Happy Birthday. Unfortunately, there was no cake.

I don’t know how they found out, but CBC Vancouver also showed up and did a story about Bill, his birthday and bagpipes. The photos are from the CBC story.

I’ve also been visiting some of my favourite clients who I play for on Remembrance Day or Robbie Burns week. These are the senior homes and companies who hire me each year to play for special events. Now, it’s my turn to give back, and provide a bit of comfort during World War C.  With the Rocky Mountaineer season cancelled, these performances keep an old piper like me in playing shape and hopefully delivering a bit of comfort during these topsy turvy times.

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Bagpiping in Vancouver, Bagpiping in Cape Breton

It was a great week of Celtic music. Lots of piping, fiddling, Gaelic singing and plenty of dancing. The 23rd Celtic Colours International Festival, held from October 12-19 all over Cape Breton Island drew sell-out crowds to all the official events, and many of the unofficial ones. Hurricane Dorian stripped much of the “colour” from the surrounding hillsides, but it was still spectacular driving through Cape Breton to small communities all over the island (like Broad Cove, above), enjoying visits with friends and even a bit of autumn fly fishing for elusive Atlantic salmon on the Baddeck, Margaree and other local rivers.

Brebach and Beolach were two of the great bands playing at Celtic Colours. Hopefully one day soon they will be out in the BC area for everyone to enjoy. Now, with November upon us, it’s time to start thinking about Remembrance Day. It will be a busy time for pipers as they march through many small towns and communities throughout the Pacific Northwest.

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Gearing up for 2019 St. Patrick’s Day Bagpiping in Vancouver



St. Patrick’s Day in Vancouver can be one of the busiest weeks of the year for a Scottish bagpiper – and it’s not even a Scottish celebration. As a Nova Scotian Scot, I find it amusing in Vancouver that there seems to be little difference between Scottish & Irish culture.  For Irish events, like St. Patrick’s Day, pipers are a busy lot, playing at pubs, concerts and parades. the majority of our tunes are Scottish, with a few Irish ones thrown in. It’s fun and thoroughly enjoyable to bring a bit of pipe music to various events. And while not strictly speaking an Irish instrument, the great highland pipes seem to work wonderfully in the hands of Irish men and women.  Two Irish Grade 1 pipe bands (Field Marshal Montgomery Pipe Band from Large Blog ImageLisburn, Northern Ireland and the St. Laurence O’Toole Pipe Band from Dublin) have won 13 world pipe band championships between them, and that’s not even counting the lower grades. \

We have lots of Irish pubs in Vancouver (at least in name), and while not all of them hire pipers, you can certainly find me piping at The Blarney Stone in Vancouver’s Gastown for my 5th year.  Come on down on Friday, Saturday or Sunday. It’s a full-day of fun on Sunday with lots of other entertainment for the adults and kids.



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Piping in the Grey Cup

Ok, it’s not the Stanley Cup, but it’s just as old. The Cup is amazing. Dented, beat up and losing a bit of its shine. It’s absolutely perfect. Thanks to the SFU football alumni for inviting me to lead in the Cup. I’m now waiting for a call from the Vancouver Canucks to lead in the Stanley Cup (someday, I know it will happen.)

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