Wow! Quite the Vancouver St. Patrick’s Day party with bagpipes and Whiskey Dicks

It’s over. Whew. Quite the party at the Atlantic Trap & Gill. I’m not sure how the other St. Paddy’s Day parties went in Vancouver, but it would be tough to beat the one at the Trap.

There was a huge crowd, inside, outside on the patio and lined-up at the door. The bagpipes kept everyone entertained early in the evening and more than a few people dancing in the aisles, while the band kept everyone pumped until the wee hours. The Whiskey Dicks invited me up a few times for a few tunes and we had a blast.  Lot’s of Maritimer’s and Newfoundlander’s and of course a handful of Irishmen.  My opening tune into the pub was On Raglan Road, a classic Irish tune by Patrick Kavanagh. One of the celebrating Irishmen enjoying a few pints recognized the tune and mentioned it to me later in the evening.  Very smart indeed.

The crew at the Trap; Ginger, Patrick, Tony did a great job keeping things going. I’m certainly looking forward to next year…and the countdown clocks have begun once again.

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Bagpiper, writer, fisherman and father born and raised in Nova Scotia, now living in Vancouver area.
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