Cape Breton bagpiping in Port Townsend, Washington

Here`s a nice example of Cape Breton piping in the far west. Barry Shears, a well known piper, judge and bagpipe historian from Nova Scotia, performing outside the `Wandering Angus`store in Port Townsend, Washington State. Barry was teaching at the springtime Féis Shiàtail (Seattle Festival) along with Cape Breton fiddler-step dancer Andrea Beaton. This set of jigs you would hear at a square dance at a small parish hall in Cape Breton. The piper would be sitting down, a piano player accompanying  him or her, and the floorboards would be bending with the number of people dancing. Barry follows up this set with `This Old Man`and inexplicably, some Christmas tunes.

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Bagpiper, writer, fisherman and father born and raised in Nova Scotia, now living in Vancouver area.
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